Marianna Inozemtseva
Leading a B2B content team with a focus on:
— Employer Advocacy,
— Employer Branding,
— Marketing & Social Selling.

LinkedIn consultant.

Telegram: @marianaten

Jul 2020 - Present
B2B Content Team Lead & Editor-in-Chief (Freelance)
Managing promotion of personal LinkedIn profiles of 20 employees in 5 countries at a global high-tech company with content production and cold outreach.

My team of content creators and I guide each employee from 'How to create my LinkedIn profile?' to 'Thank you, I have so many new contacts! And they are all relevant!'

My project's goals are facilitating brand expansion and fostering connections with new partners through social selling and thought leadership.

I also provide private LinkedIn consultations, helping professionals find new jobs in C-suite roles by enhancing their profiles and coaching them in content creation and network building.

As a hobby, I volunteer for the RU IT in TLV community of Russian-speaking investors, startup founders and high-tech pros.
May 2022 - Dec 2022
Editor-in-Chief in Corporate Blogs Department at Tproger media
Tproger is a media about all things hi-tech. Leading tech companies like Practicum and AliExpress pay to blog there to build a strong and reputable Technology HR brand.

With a team of 2 editors, we published 15 high-quality tech articles per month. I supervised the production and promotion of said articles in Tproger's social media channels, with the average number of views per 1 post in 1 channel reaching 50.000 in a week. Top posts reached 200.000 views for the same period.

I worked on the HR brand of Tproger itself by blogging and giving interviews about the editorial and SMM teams. This resulted in the number of applications for writing positions doubling in six months.

I owned project execution from identifying the value, setting goals, and enforcing the new processes. I was the main point of contact in all matters related to client concerns and needs. I built and strengthened client relationships to achieve long-term partnerships: all clients were happy to renew the contracts in the following year.

Some articles I edited (in Russian):
Content Marketing Manager at ITA Marketing Agency
Was in charge of the marketing agency's blog on digital marketing and management. Secured regular publications of educational articles, case studies, and customers' inspiring stories (4 per month).

Wrote myself and collaborated with our in-house editors, writers, designers, and SEO specialists. Together, we created content that generated more leads and contributed to building a great employer brand.

Worked in Public Relations. Helped in-house specialists demonstrate their expertise to a broad audience via guest articles and columns in leading business media. 75% of my pitches resulted in publications. I used Pressfeed, the Russian analog of the 'Help a Reporter Out' platform. Some examples (In Russian):
The "Business World" magazine for C-suite and entrepreneurs: How ITA marketing agency is coping with the crisis and keeping its team together.
On the Russian School of Management media portal: Internet Marketing during the 2022 Crisis.
Wrote and edited case studies, for example: Business Case Study: Reduced the website content update time from several weeks to just a couple of hours.
Maternity Leave and Education
While on maternity leave, I decided to switch to a less stressful job field. I completed two levels at the Bureau Gorbunov School for Editors and then began working as a freelance editor in digital marketing.

Participated in copywriters competitions and won the Mediacontour challenge. (Link to my work)
Co-Founder & Art Director at Aurum
With a business partner founded a professional performing arts company. Developed new shows and managed marketing (Paid ads and Content).

Ran and promoted the company's pages on Instagram, Facebook, and to attract new fans and clients.

Was responsible for sales and communications with clients. Hired 3 sales managers and wrote scripts for them. Monitored and reviewed their work, making sure that the percentage of conversions to purchase was not lower than 30%.

Secured key partnerships with 20 largest event agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Conducted 10 international tours.
Телеграм: @marianaten